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KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7 is now available!

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 05:30
KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7 is now available! admin Thu, 12/06/2018 - 11:30

We’ve just released the latest versions of KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server and here’s a quick summary of what’s new.

Some of the highlights in this release are a number of new interactive views (check out the new Tile View* and Heatmap), new integrations allowing KNIME workflows direct access to Google Drive and Tableau’s Hyper format, and a number of new statistical tests. New XGBoost nodes add access to this well known high performance machine library, while a more hidden gem is the completely new layout editor for composite views of metanodes, which allows you to build your own library of personalized view nodes.

There are also new integrations with Jupyter Notebooks and PySpark. Now you can import and run code from Jupyter notebooks directly in your KNIME workflow. Adding Python to your big data workflows is also now possible, allowing you to seamlessly mix and match Python with existing nodes from the KNIME Extension for Apache Spark.

KNIME Server offers new automation and management services for data science and IT teams productionizing workflows and data science applications. Now you can automatically scale your infrastructure with our Distributed Executors and automate remote workflow editing and control. New management services are also available for centrally adding customizations to KNIME Analytics Platform users.

All the release details are summarized here, as well as in the detailed changelog. However, the best way to check it out is by trying it for yourself. Open KNIME and go to File -> Update KNIME to get the latest version, or download and install it here.

Remember to mark your calendars for the KNIME Spring Summit in Berlin, Germany from March 18-22, 2019, where you can see some of these new features in action!

* In 3.7.0 this view is called "Card View" but due to a trademark clash it will be renamed to "Tile View" starting with 3.7.1


News date Thu, 12/06/2018 - 11:30
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KNIME at AWS re:Invent Helping Machine Learning Builders

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 09:30
KNIME at AWS re:Invent Helping Machine Learning Builders hs Thu, 11/22/2018 - 15:30

Amazon Web Services re:Invent is taking place on November 26 -30, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV and KNIME will be there! This conference offers machine learning “Builder Sessions” and an “AWS Marketplace Machine Learning Hub” including KNIME Software. The goal of these hands-on sessions is to provide attendees expert guidance on machine learning building and data science automation for predictive quality management, predicting risk, and predicting excess stock inventory models.

NEW: KNIME Publishes ML Models in AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning

The new AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning lists KNIME workflow models ready to deploy to Amazon SageMaker. The KNIME models provide AWS Marketplace customers self-service, on-demand deployment for faster execution. KNIME workflow models are deployed as Docker containers for automated Amazon SageMaker delivery.

The KNIME workflow models available in the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning are:

  • Simple Income Predictor. Use this KNIME workflow to accept personal attributes and applies them using a prebuilt classification model. It returns a prediction of income range including probability of correctness.
  • Simple Chemistry Binding Predictor. This KNIME workflow predicts the binding of a chemical compound to the 5HT6 receptor on CHEMBL Ki data.
  • Basic Credit Score Predictor. If you want to determine creditworthiness, this KNIME workflow executes a classification model that returns the predicated creditworthiness and a probability score.
  • Basic Churn Predictor. This KNIME workflow reads in information about a customer and predicts whether or not the customer is predicted to churn and the probability of the predication.

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed platform that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale.

AWS, KNIME, and other solutions in the AWS Marketplace, as well as AWS Consulting Partners help accelerate data experimentation, deeper insights, and new levels of productivity with Machine Learning solutions.

More on this topic is also available in this AWS blog post.

New trial offers

To help machine learning builders and data scientists get started fast, KNIME has a new free trial-and-subscribe offering in the flexible and on-demand AWS Marketplace. It’s called KNIME Server Small for AWS. Customers can trial open source KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server Small products via the AWS Marketplace to continue developing machine learning models and building their data science platform expertise. KNIME Software complements many Amazon AWS services such as SageMaker, RedShift, Athena, EMR, Kinesis, and Comprehend as integrated services to provide enterprises with data science automation for accelerating great decision making quickly, securely, and at scale.

By launching these new offerings, we aim to provide KNIME on AWS customers self service control over their data science, machine learning, and AI pipelines, drive expertise and technology reuse, and facilitate interactions among data scientists, developers, and the business units they serve. The KNIME Software’s graphical workflow editing and development tools - covering data prep and mining, ETL, machine learning, deep learning, and deployment, in combination with native integrations and extensions such as Tensorflow, Keras,, Tableau, Spark, Hadoop, Python, R, REST, and many others, bring an agile and open approach to data science pipelines to help drive intelligent decision making across the enterprise. KNIME on AWS covers a diverse set of use cases from drug discovery to call center efficiency, automotive benchmarking, customer journey orchestration, and many more.

Visit KNIME at AWS re:Invent and check out how KNIME is being used in the Machine Learning Builder Sessions. We’ll also be in The Quad running KNIME Software demonstrations.

Get started today by using KNIME on AWS through the AWS Marketplace and leverage one of our hundreds of example workflows, workflows/models available from partners via KNIME Workflow Hub, or build your own using our own guided workflow assistant. Trial KNIME Server Small or KNIME Analytics Platform on AWS free for thirty days.


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KNIME Fall Summit 2018, Austin: Summary

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 09:00
KNIME Fall Summit 2018, Austin: Summary hs Wed, 11/21/2018 - 15:00

From November 6 - 9, 2018 we held our 3rd KNIME Fall Summit in the US and, like last year, we were in Austin, Texas. Over 200 people joined us and it was great seeing so many new faces amongst the regular Summit attendees - thank you to everyone who joined us!


Michael Berthold opened the Summit by reflecting on another year of significant growth - including the half a dozen new KNIMErs who have joined the US team in 2018. He also took a moment to thank the KNIME community for their ongoing contributions which helped us keep our position as a leader in analyst reports. Lastly, he discussed new and growing trends in Data Science, as well as in Automated ML/AI and put them into context with our Guided Analytics vision. Check out his presentation here.

Thursday and Friday were full of engaging presentations from data scientists, business analysts, and independent users across different industries such as Marketing, HR, Sales, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Cybersecurity, and more. They highlighted the diverse application areas of KNIME Software - from text mining, guided analytics, and disease tagging, to anomaly detection, image analysis, bots, and more. We also looked into what’s new and what’s cooking at KNIME. Thank you once again to our speakers for all these great presentations! You can check out their slides here.

Based on feedback from last year, we extended the Summit by offering KNIME Courses on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. There were courses in KNIME Analytics Platform (for beginner and advanced users), Text Mining, and Big Data, as well IoT Analytics, and Advanced Analytics. Dean Abbott was also there delivering his course on “The Power of Random”.

It was great hosting everyone in Austin and we are now looking forward to the KNIME Spring Summit from March 18 - 22, 2019, in Berlin, Germany. A 30% early bird discount is available for those who want to secure their spot early.


News date Wed, 11/21/2018 - 15:00
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