Assistance with Open Source adoption

So, you decided to adopt Open Source business software?

Adoption of open-source software (OSS) is becoming pervasive, with 85 percent of companies surveyed currently using OSS in their enterprises and the remaining 15 percent expecting to in the next 12 months, according to Gartner, Inc.

So, you decided to adopt Open Source business software. First of all, like a good salesman, I have to say something similar to “Congratulations! You've made a wise decision!” I do believe that most enterprise business automation software just must be open source. But let's return to your choice:

How do I know if my company is need of BPM?


Previously, this question was not even on the agenda for small or medium business. The cost of typical BPM solution was far bigger than a business could afford. Now it's completely different. The Open Source solutions like Intalio and Bonita allow small/medium businesses to use these technologies not for free (nothing is this world is free, even Free Open Source Software), but for very affordable price of business analytic's services without license fees.

Besides the cost business has a problem with understanding of BPM, which sometimes referenced as workflow. Of course, BPM is a serious term which includes many things like ideology and complicated technologies, but do actually business need to know all that staff to have advantage of using BPM? I think no.

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